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It is so rewarding to start your own seeds.
It's the best feeling to harvest your own salad in December.
It is so simple when you have the right seeds, the right tools
and the right resources. We're here to help.
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Fruition Seeds' Gift Certificate Fruition Seeds' Gift Certificate

Thank you for sharing our love with people you love!

Organic Pollinator Collection Organic Pollinator Collection

Bring more butterflies, bees and countless beneficial insects to your garden!

Large Soil Blocker Large Soil Blocker

Ideal for starting all seeds & easy to use

Seedling Heat Mat Seedling Heat Mat

Optimize germination and vigor in any season

Fruition's Organic Potting Mix Fruition's Organic Potting Mix

Compost-based germination and growing mix

Full-Spectrum LED 17" Grow Light Full-Spectrum LED 17" Grow Light

Essential for starting seeds successfully & growing indoors all winter

Fruition's Biotella Fruition's Biotella

Simple, effective & biodegradable weed control

Mini Soil Blocker Inserts for Large Soil Blocker Mini Inserts

The easiest way to integrate your mini & large soil blockers

Mini Soil Blocker Mini Soil Blocker

Most efficient way to start seeds & easy to use

Fruition's Floating Row Cover Fruition's Floating Row Cover

Extend your season, exclude insects, increase germination & increase abundance with ease.

Fruition's Spring Steel Wire Hoops Fruition's Spring Steel Wire Hoops

Increase abundance in all seasons with ease.

Fruition's Ultimate Seedling Success Kit Fruition's Ultimate Seedling Success Kit

successful seedlings is simple with the right tools

Fruition's Soil Blocker Kit Fruition's Soil Blocker Kit

Everything you need for easy, fun & efficient soil blocks.

Organic Edible Flower Collection Organic Edible Flower Collection

Easy to grow for a rainbow of petals to garnish salad and cakes.

Organic Container Garden Collection Organic Container Garden Collection

Easy to grow, compact & drought tolerant: perfect for your patio.

Organic Children's  Garden Collection Organic Children's Garden Collection

Sweet and easy to grow with a rainbow of colors, perfect for kids!

Organic Culinary Herb Collection Organic Culinary Herb Collection

Easy to grow and abundant for snipping all season long.

Organic Microgreens Collection Organic Microgreens Collection

Instant gratification for greens in any season.

Organic Three Sisters Collection Organic Three Sisters Collection

Our favorite corn, beans & squash to grow together.

Organic Purple Lovers Collection Organic Purple Lovers Collection

Food & flowers for purple-loving people & pollinators.

Companion Planter's Collection Organic Companion Planter's Collection

Fruition's favorite companion plants, easy to grow & abundant all season.

Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease

Everything you need to start seeds successfully at home.

Fruition's Desiccant Packet Fruition's Desiccant Packets

Optimize seed storage for years to come.

Fruition's Sand Bags Fruition's Sand Bags

Ideal to weight the edges of your floating row cover.

Fruition's Japanese Hand Hoe Fruition's Japanese Hand Hoe

Our favorite hand tool.

Fish & Kelp Emulsion Fish & Kelp Emulsion

Fish & kelp emulsion is one of the easiest ways to grow impressively healthy plants and harvest nutrient-dense abundance.

Organic Ginger Organic Ginger

Grow ginger right in your backyard, even in a container!

Fruition's Organic Ginger Fertilizer Blend Fruition's Organic Ginger Fertilizer Blend

Organic nutrients for robust plant health & abundant rhizomes.

Recycled Fabric Containers Recycled Fabric Containers

Container gardening made easy!

Granular Fertilizer Granular Fertilizer

Ideal for containers & soil alike with 2:3:4 NPK & nearly 100 micronutrients