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Organic Flower Seeds for the Northeast

And why are organic flower seeds important? They are easier to grow. Our organic seeds thrive in average and compost-amended soils because their vigorous root systems are fine-tuned to forage for nutrients rather than waiting for chemical, soluble fertilizers to do the work for them. They also have stronger natural immunities than conventionally grown flower seed, making them less susceptible to insect pests and diseases. Raised in organic systems without RoundUp, our flowers are also more vigorous than conventional flowers that don't have to compete with the weeds. In total, organic flowers are easier to grow and more resilient.

Organic German Chamomile Organic German Chamomile

Fragrant, sweet & easy to grow in any soil.

Organic Echinacea Organic Echinacea

HEIRLOOM Native perennial that butterflies love.

Organic Polka Dots Bachelor Button Mix Organic Polka Dots Bachelor Button Mix

Edible, abundant & drought tolerant.

Organic Diablo Cosmos Organic Diablo Cosmos

HEIRLOOM Practically thrives on neglect, growing stately & self-sufficient in virtually any soil

Organic Mexican Sunflower Organic Mexican Sunflower

HEIRLOOM Excellent for cut flowers & attracting Monarchs.

Organic Plum Shiso Organic Plum Shiso

HEIRLOOM Taste lemon balm + thai basil on a purple, fringed leaf.

Organic Lemon Queen Sunflower Organic Lemon Queen Sunflower

Bright butter-yellow heads, massive and ebullient, sway in the breeze mid-summer to frost.

Organic Ziar's Breadseed Poppy Organic Ziar's Breadseed Poppy

Huge, delicious seeds from etheric flowers.

Organic Phacelia (Bee’s Friend) Organic Phacelia (Bee's Friend)

Lacey, fern-like leaves with dramatic lavender blossoms unfurl like fiddleheads!

Organic Black Cumin (Nigella) Organic Black Cumin (Nigella)

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow & a pleasure to cook with.

Organic Anise Hyssop Organic Anise Hyssop

HEIRLOOM Purple spires of fragrant flowers bloom all summer; perennial.

Organic Insectary Mix Organic Insectary Mix

Attract Beneficial Pollinators!  Easy to grow and easy to love, our mix of flowers and herbs bursts with color and phenomenal habitat for all manner of beneficial insects!

Organic Scarlet Emperor Pole Bean Organic Scarlet Emperor Runner Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Massive plants with massive pods, super sweet & attracting lots of hummingbirds & monarchs.

Organic Nasturtium Organic Nasturtium

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow, edible & abundant.

Organic Standfast Sunflower Organic Standfast Sunflower

Huge heads with huge seeds for snacking.

Organic Salmon Rose Zinnia Organic Salmon Rose Zinnia

Dahlia-like & ideal for cutting with long vase life.

Organic Pollinator Collection Organic Pollinator Collection

Bring more butterflies, bees and countless beneficial insects to your garden!

Organic Zeolights Calendula Organic Zeolights Calendula

Edible, medicinal & beautiful! Large pink/peach flowers.

Organic Sunshine Flashback Calendula Organic Sunshine Flashback Calendula

Perfect for containers and will readily naturalize if let go to seed.

Organic Gwen's Midnight Plum Poppy Organic Gwen's Midnight Plum Poppy

Long-lasting blooms July through fall.

Organic Pinwheel Marigold Organic Pinwheel Marigold

HEIRLOOM 3 to 4' tall, easy to grow & drought tolerant.

Organic Queen Sophia Marigold Organic Queen Sophia Marigold

Just one foot tall, perfect for companion planting & containers.

Organic Burgundy Beauties Bachelor Button Organic Burgundy Beauties Bachelor Button

Edible petals thrive in drought, low fertility & partial shade.

Organic Double Take Cosmos Organic Double Take Cosmos

These flowers are sincerely stunning & so easy to grow!

Organic Remembrance Edible Calendula Mix Organic Remembrance Edible Calendula Mix

Dozens of gorgeous edible & medicinal petals on each blossom.

Organic Evening Colors Sunflower Organic Evening Colors Sunflower

Delectable diversity! We just love these vivid hues in our garden, vase & on our table :)

Organic Sonja Sunflower Organic Sonja Sunflower

Fruition's shortest sunflower, only 3 feet tall!

Organic Benary's Wine Zinnia Organic Benary's Wine Zinnia

Dahlia-like blooms with a long vase life perfect for cutting.

Organic Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth Organic Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

HEIRLOOM Vibrant six-foot cascades of deep magenta seedheads thrive in any soil.

Organic Bachelor Button Polka Dots Mix - 50 seeds Organic Bachelor Button Polka Dots Mix - 50 seeds

Beautiful, edible and abundant anywhere, all season long! A mix of deep blue and purple, rich burgundy, violet and pink blossoms.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Diablo Cosmos - 50 seeds Organic Diablo Cosmos - 50 seeds

HEIRLOOM Vivid, striking scarlet-orange blossoms thrive on neglect and will brighten any corner of your garden!  3-5’ plants will bloom all summer long.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Standfast Sunflower - 20 seeds Organic Standfast Sunflower - 20 seeds

Huge 16” heads with large seeds make perfect confectionary sunflower seeds eating.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Queen Sophia Marigold - 50 seeds Organic Queen Sophia Marigold - 50 seeds

Covered in dozens of gold-rimmed ruby marigolds.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Burgundy Beauty Bachelor Button - 50 seeds Organic Burgundy Beauty Bachelor Button - 50 seeds

Blooms display all season long in deep burgundy, violet, purple/white bi-color with the occasional rose.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Evening ColorsSunflower - 25 seeds Organic Evening ColorsSunflower - 25 seeds

Bi-color autumnal blooms with long stems perfect for cutting.

Our Price: $3.79
Organic Sensation Cosmos Organic Sensation Cosmos

Brilliant blossoms that thrive on neglect.

Organic Persian Carpet Zinnia Organic Persian Carpet Zinnia

Brilliant, long lasting & perfect for cutting.

Organic Soraya Sunflower Organic Soraya Sunflower

Short plants with 20+ flower heads perfect for cutting.

Organic Borage Organic Borage

HEIRLOOM Edible blue, purple & pink blossoms are easy to grow.

Organic Milkweed Organic Milkweed

Monarch butterflies love this beautiful native perennial.

Organic Marshmallow Organic Marshmallow

Holly hock’s native, perennial & medicinal cousin.

Organic Sallie's Double Pink Poppy Organic Sallie's Double Pink Poppy

HEIRLOOM Luscious, endless petals.

Organic Hyacinth Bean Organic Hyacinth Bean

HEIRLOOM Edible blossoms, vivid pods & easy to grow.

Organic Cornucopia Strawflower Mix Organic Cornucopia Strawflower Mix

HEIRLOOM Like jewel-colored fireworks from early July through frost!

Organic Drama Queen Poppy Organic Drama Queen Poppy

Unfailing character & charisma.

Organic Scarlet Peony Poppy Organic Scarlet Peony Poppy

Stunning as single blooms, breathtaking en masse.

Organic Persian Jewels Organic Persian Jewels Nigella

Exquisitely intricate, easy to grow.

Organic Lavender Organic Lavender

Hardy, edible perennial.

Organic Resina Calendula Organic Resina Calendula

Chock-full of deeply medicinal resins.

Organic Coreopsis tinctoria (Dyer's Coreopsis) Organic Coreopsis tinctoria (Dyer's Coreopsis)

Low-maintenance native ideal for dying.

Organic Achillea millefolium (Native yarrow) Organic Yarrow

Native, ornamental, medicinal, edible & insectary.

Organic Painted Lady Sweet Pea Organic Painted Lady Sweet Pea

Easy to grow & exquisitely fragrant

Organic Chim Chiminee Rudbeckia Organic Chim Chiminee Rudbeckia

Easy to grow perennial perfect for cutting.

Organic Prairie Sun Rudbeckia Organic Prairie Sun Rudbeckia

Attracts beneficial pollinators, an easy to grow perennial

Organic Chinese Forget-Me-Not Organic Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Perfect for bouquets & easy to grow

Organic Edible Flower Collection Organic Edible Flower Collection

Easy to grow for a rainbow of petals to garnish salad and cakes.

Organic Container Garden Collection Organic Container Garden Collection

Easy to grow, compact & drought tolerant: perfect for your patio.

Organic Children's  Garden Collection Organic Children's Garden Collection

Sweet and easy to grow with a rainbow of colors, perfect for kids!

Organic Purple Lovers Collection Organic Purple Lovers Collection

Food & flowers for purple-loving people & pollinators.

Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease

Everything you need to start seeds successfully at home.

Organic Virginia Tobacco Organic Virginia Tobacco

Attract pollinators with dramatic 6’ stalks & sweet jasmine scent.

Organic Red Flame Celosia Organic Red Flame Celosia

Stunning in fresh or dry arrangements.

Organic Sun Ball Craspedia Organic Sun Ball Craspedia

Much coveted & easy to grow.

Organic White Larkspur Organic White Larkspur

Exquisite fresh and dry + easy to grow.

Organic Sweet Annie Organic Sweet Annie

HEIRLOOM fragrant & sweet for crowns & wreaths.

Organic Carmencita Castor Bean Organic Carmencita Castor Bean

Tropical, ornamental & easy to grow.

Organic Ruby Parfait Celosia Organic Ruby Parfait Celosia

Abundant, whimsical, easy to grow.

Organic Zinderella Peach Zinnia Organic Zinderella Peach Zinnia

Unusual and exquisite.

Organic Round Leaf Indigo Organic Round Leaf Indigo

Easy to grow, ideal for dye.

Flourish Garden Club Flourish Garden Club

Flourish Garden Club surrounds you with wisdom, skills and community so you and your garden will thrive in any season.

Across the Seasons: Fruition's Perpetual Garden Calendar Across the Seasons: Fruition's Perpetual Garden Calendar

Easily record the happenings of your garden to amplify your successes & learn from your mistakes.

Organic Queen Lime with Blush Zinnia Organic Queen Lime with Blush Zinnia

Whimsically show-stopping with petals unfolding, layer after layer.

Organic Purple Giant Zinnia Organic Purple Giant Zinnia

Each massive zinnia is absolutely luminous & perfect for cutting.

Organic Frilled White Poppy Organic Frilled White Poppy

Endless petals of exquisite ivory unfurl like slow-motion fireworks.

Organic Night & Dawn Snapdragon Organic Night & Dawn Snapdragon

Did you know snapdragons are edible? Toss them in salads and enjoy every bite!

Organic Buddha's Hands Cosmos Organic Buddha's Hands Cosmos

A miniature cosmos thriving in gardens & containers perfect for companion planting.

Organic Blue Vervain Organic Blue Vervain

Easy to grow & long-blooming perennial that pollinators love.

Organic Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot Organic Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot

Native, ornamental, medicinal, edible & insectary.

Organic Feverfew Organic Feverfew

An easy to grow cut flower as well as a medicinal herb long used for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Organic Boneset Organic Boneset

Native to the Northeast and easy to grow, Boneset is profoundly immune-stimulating, especially for flu season.

Organic Mountain Mint Organic Mountain Mint

The only mint we allow in our garden!

Organic Ashwaganda Organic Ashwaganda

Deeply medicinal & easy to grow.

Organic Native Flower Collection Organic Native Flower Collection

A gorgeous mix of annuals & perennials ready to thrive in sun & shade.

Organic Teddy Bear Sunflower Organic Teddy Bear Sunflower

Endearing blooms with long, strong stems & minimal pollen.

Organic Benary's Giant White Zinnia Organic Benary's Giant White Zinnia

Dahlia-like with excellent vase life & impressive abundance.

Organic Apricot Peach Strawflower Organic Apricot Peach Strawflower

Easy to grow & impressively abundant for both fresh & dry bouquets.

Organic Organic Merlot Scabiosa Organic Merlot Scabiosa

Easy to grow and impressively abundant.

Organic Black Beauty Scabiosa Organic Black Beauty Scabiosa

Exquisite + dramatic both as a flower + fascinating seed pod.

Organic Summer Berries Yarrow Organic Summer Berries Yarrow

A hardy perennial & gorgeous cut flower.

Organic Grandpa's Carnival Morning Glory Organic Grandpa's Carnival Morning Glory

A kaleidoscope to climb just about anything!

Organic Spider Cleome Organic Cleome

Months & months of glorious color!

Organic Bronze Fennel Organic Bronze Fennel

A delectably hardy perennial, insectary & easy to grow.

Organic Lime Light Spray Millet Organic Lime Light Spray Millet

Easy to grow & exquisitely elegant swaying seedheads.