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Improve Your Small Garden with Certified Organic Container Seeds

At Fruition Seeds, we’re growers by nature, and we know that growing a resilient garden begins with the seed. We became inspired to offer organic heirloom seeds for container planting as we traveled and learned about the lack of transparency in the seed industry. Our travel and research taught us that many seeds on the market only grow in certain places, resulting in disappointment for people who nurture these seeds but see no results.

We want everybody to have their own garden if they want one, which is why we work hard to develop organic, non-GMO seeds that will grow in multiple environments. Our seeds are some of the best seeds for small gardens because how they’re grown makes them easier to maintain. They’re also ideal seeds for windowsill planters and will add a bit of light and color to any space. By buying our seeds, you’re supporting farmers who work hard to bring you organic and safe seeds. We know our seeds will bring brighten your day and give your garden an abundance of little green sprouts.

Organic Ginger Organic Ginger

Grow ginger right in your backyard, even in a container!

8 Keys of Container Gardening Mini-Course 8 Keys of Container Gardening Mini-Course

Our insights from over three decades of container gardening for you.

Our Price: $30.00
Recycled Fabric Containers Recycled Fabric Containers

Container gardening made easy!

Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper

Super early and super sweet, abundant even in Maine!

Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease

Everything you need to start seeds successfully at home.

Organic Insectary Mix Organic Insectary Mix

Attract Beneficial Pollinators!  Easy to grow and easy to love, our mix of flowers and herbs bursts with color and phenomenal habitat for all manner of beneficial insects!

Organic Summer Savory Organic Summer Savory

HEIRLOOM One of our favorite herbs, easy to grow in gardens or containers.

Organic Fred's Tie-Dye Dwarf Tomato Organic Fred's Tie-Dye Dwarf Tomato

Essentially Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye on a dwarf 3' plant,

Organic Lemon Ice Dwarf Tomato Organic Lemon Ice Dwarf Tomato

Perfectly named for its sweet, rich & creamy fruit.

Organic Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato Organic Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato

Two-bite cherry tomatoes named for Craig's daughter Sara.

Organic Iditarod Red Dwarf Tomato Organic Iditarod Red Dwarf Tomato

Early slicers, perfect for your patio.

Organic Giant of Italy Flat-leaf Parsley Organic Giant of Italy Flat-leaf Parsley

Classic, abundant & frost tolerant.

Organic Resina Calendula Organic Resina Calendula

Chock-full of deeply medicinal resins.

Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce

HEIRLOOM Massive, melt-in-your-mouth & bolt-resistant.

Organic Coreopsis tinctoria (Dyer's Coreopsis) Organic Coreopsis tinctoria (Dyer's Coreopsis)

Low-maintenance native ideal for dying.

Organic Achillea millefolium (Native yarrow) Organic Yarrow

Native, ornamental, medicinal, edible & insectary.

Organic Hyacinth Bean Organic Hyacinth Bean

HEIRLOOM Edible blossoms, vivid pods & easy to grow.

Organic Cornucopia Strawflower Mix Organic Cornucopia Strawflower Mix

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow flowers retain their color for years.

Organic Polka Dots Bachelor Button Mix Organic Polka Dots Bachelor Button Mix

Edible, abundant & drought tolerant.

Organic Diablo Cosmos Organic Diablo Cosmos

HEIRLOOM Stately & self-sufficient attracting butterflies & hummingbirds.

Organic Plum Shiso Organic Plum Shiso

HEIRLOOM Taste lemon balm + thai basil on a purple, fringed leaf.

Organic Lemon Queen Sunflower Organic Lemon Queen Sunflower

Beautiful butter yellow flowers blossom mid-summer to frost!

Organic Black Cumin (Nigella) Organic Black Cumin (Nigella)

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow & a pleasure to cook with.

Organic Borage Organic Borage

HEIRLOOM Edible blue, purple & pink blossoms are easy to grow.

Organic Chocolate Runner Pole Bean Organic Chocolate Runner Pole Dry Bean

HEIRLOOM Each flower is both scarlet & rose, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

Organic Pink Tip Snap Pole Bean Organic Pink-Tip Greasy Pole Snap Bean

HEIRLOOM Our favorite snap pole bean with rich, sweet nuttiness.

Organic Tres Fine Frisee Organic Tres Fine Frisee

Crunchy, succulent leaves with delicate loft & a satisfying, subtle bitterness.

Organic Bouquet Dill Organic Bouquet Dill

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow & easy to love, abundant throughout the season.

Organic Shanghai Green Pac Choy Organic Shanghai Green Pac Choy

Delicate & mild miniature pac choy, effortlessly elegant with succulent stems forming gorgeous vases.

Organic Golden Purslane Organic Golden Purslane

Succulent & lemony with the most Omega-3's of any vegetable, a favorite green of both Gandhi and Thoreau.