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Organic Potting Mix- Vermont Compost Fort Vee Full-Spectrum LED 17" Grow Light Fruition's Microgreens Webinar
Compost-based germination and growing mix Essential for starting seeds successfully & growing indoors all winter


Organic Dill for Microgreens Organic Sunflower for Microgreens Organic Red Amaranth for Microgreens
Aromatic and absolutely exquisite, every bite a taste of the summer. Nutty & succulent, delightfully crunchy as well as massive microgreens! Quick and colorful, often ready to harvest in 7 to 10 days!
Organic Confetti Mix Radish for Microgreens Organic Genovese Basil for Microgreens Organic White Russian Kale for Microgreens
A kaleidoscope with a touch of spice, glorious tossed on salads, sandwiches &, well, everything :) It's true: this is how we savor fresh basil all through the winter! An emerald forest, deliciously versatile & often harvested ten days after sowing!
Organic Arugula for Microgreens Organic Broccoli for Microgreens Organic Cilantro for Microgreens
Tender microgreens bursting with bright arugula deliciousness! Deep green & nutrient-dense, often harvested just ten days after sowing! If we grow cilantro microgreens, you can, too!
Organic Buckwheat for Microgreens Organic Red Beet for Microgreens Organic Mustard for Microgreens
Massive and juicy, mild and succulent. Vivid color contrast & rich earth flavor. Spicy & succulent, often harvested ten days after sowing!
Organic Purple Radish for Microgreens Organic Asian Spinach (Tatsoi) for Microgreens Fruition's LED Light Stand
With a touch of spice, these are perhaps our favorite microgreen feast for our eyes as well as our tastebuds :) Easy to grow & scrumptious just ten days after sowing.
Lightweight, rust-proof & easy to use!
Microgreens Made Easy Collection Fruition's Microgreens Micro-Course
Here are the tools to keep microgreens simple! ⭐️ Free! ⭐️ Our step-by-step guide to set you up for success.