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Fruition's Floating Row Cover Fruition's Floating Row Cover

Extend your season, exclude insects, increase germination & increase abundance with ease.

Fish & Kelp Emulsion Fish & Kelp Emulsion

Fish & kelp emulsion is one of the easiest ways to grow impressively healthy plants and harvest nutrient-dense abundance.

Smart Pot Fabric Containers Smart Pot Fabric Containers

Container gardening made easy!

Granular Fertilizer Organic Granular Fertilizer

Ideal for containers & soil alike with 2:3:4 NPK & nearly 100 micronutrients

Full-Season Organic Fertilizer Collection Full-Season Organic Fertilizer Collection

The best of both worlds: Our granular fertilizer plus our fish & kelp emulsion.

Compost Crumbles Compost Crumbles

Easy to use 5-4-3 N-P-K to feed both your soil & plants!

Fruition's Heavy Weight Floating Row Cover Fruition's Heavy Weight Floating Row Cover

Extend your season deep into fall & even winter!