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All of our seed is certified organic, non-gmo, open pollinated, and customized to thrive here in the Northeast.

Our seeds come from several different sources, each uniquely suited to produce the best seed for our regional needs. The sources include:

60% Produced Our Own Farm: We grow and select seed from our certified organic farm and fields here in New York. Currently half of the varieties we offer were produced with our own hands.

10% Produced With Custom Collaborator Farms: We work with partner farms to breed and improve varieties based on each farm's specific market needs. The farm is responsible for all growing requirements: the planting, cultivation, and fertilization. We are responsible for all the selections, breeding, seed harvest, cleaning and germination testing. This results in an abundance of seed for both the farmer to use and for us to share with you.

20% Produced by Other Northeast Organic Seed Growers: We source additional varieties of seed from our network of certified organic seed growers throughout the Northeast (New York, Montreal, Maine, Vermont). We only source from farms that we admire and respect in providing the highest quality organic seed possible.

. 10% Produced by Other Organic Seed Growers outside of our region: There are several crops that are challenging to grow high quality organic seed of here in the Northeast. We are continually developing techniques and strategies to overcome the obstacles. In the meantime we do offer seed from other organic seed growers in climates more conducive to certain types of seed production. Although this seed is produced outside the Northeast, we offer these varieties because they grow well in our climate. We are confident you’ll enjoy them.

Fruition Seeds is honored and proud to be growing organic seed and building a network of the best organic seed growers and breeders in our region to increase the vitality of life itself. The alternative to corporate control of the seed supply is respect, knowledge and transparency; it is based in regional seed breeding, selection and production.