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Organic Gabrielle Marie Dahlia Organic Gabrielle Marie Dahlia

Dwarf habit adds to it's endearing modesty.

Organic Ginger ⭐️ Four Rhizomes Organic Ginger ⭐️ Rhizomes

Grow ginger right in your backyard, even in a container!

Ultimate Grow Your Own Ginger Collection Ultimate Grow Your Own Ginger Collection

Everything ginger needs to thrive all season.

Fruition's Organic Ginger Fertilizer Blend Fruition's Organic Ginger Fertilizer Blend

Organic nutrients for robust plant health & abundant rhizomes.

Organic Advance Dahlia Organic Advance Dahlia

A dinner plate stacked like a soft gold popover.

Organic Avignon Dahlia Organic Avignon Dahlia

Simply the most exquisite dinner plate dahlia we've ever grown.

Organic Babylon Bronze Dahlia Organic Babylon Bronze Dahlia

Our earliest dinner plate dahlia & perfect for cutting.

Organic Fern Cliff Dahlia Organic Fern Cliff Dahlia

Dramatic as single or compliment blossom, perfect for cutting.

Organic Lilac Time Dahlia Organic Lilac Time Dahlia

An early dinner plate dahlia requiring less trellising.

Organic Mango Madness Dahlia Organic Mango Madness Dahlia

The favorite dinner plate dahlia of hummingbirds and monarchs.