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Have you grown fresh greens on your winter windowsill? We do! Although the light is too little to support large (and especially fruiting) plants, there is plenty of light to inspire basil, lettuce, arugula, kale, cilantro and more than a dozen other varieties to grow into sweet baby greens. Here are two considerations for growing abundant greens all winter:

-A south-facing window is often enough light to enjoy microgreens & small baby greens throughout the winter. With supplemental light it is easy to get larger plants that re-grow quickly. For lighting there are three considerations: right color, right intensity and right duration. Fluorescent ights make it affordable to achieve all three! If you see your plants getting leggy & leaning toward the light either eat them small or consider supplemental light for them.

-Spacing is one of the finer arts of gardening; spacing (and timing) is the only difference between baby leaf and head lettuce. For example, we sow Flashy Trout Back Lettuce at 2-4 seeds per inch for baby greens and 6 seeds per foot thinned to 1 for full heads of its beautiful, buttery romaine. If we sowed more densely, each plant would quickly grow tall from the competition but they would be spindly and stressed, losing their sugars and tenderness quickly. One of the keys to growing successful winter greens is paying close attention to plant spacing, erring on the side of space so each plant has optimum sun exposure.