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  • Fruition Seeds, Naples, New York

    Matthew Goldfarb and Petra Page-Mann, co-owners and farmers of Fruition Seeds, grow over 100 seed crops on five acres of certified organic seed between three farms in the heart of the Finger Lakes, in Naples and Branchport, New York.

    In Petra’s hometown of Naples we lease two phenomenal acres from Mark Adams on Hickory Bottom Road. The soil is incredible: predominantly silt loams with over 5% organic matter and a pH between 6.2 and 6.9. We are so grateful to be raising seed here! We have Mark and his decades-long chicken operation to thank for the abundance of organic matter. We also have Mark to thank for his invaluable perspective and experience.

    Hickory Bottom is the site of our main facility to clean, store, germination test, pack and ship our seed.

    Fifteen minutes east, we lease an acre from our friends John and Caroline Hunt at Italy Hill Produce and Hunt Country Vineyards in Branchport. The soil has more clay than our farm in Naples but is quality nonetheless; our plants are robust and resilient.

    On the edge of Naples and North Cohocton – just off a little road called Eelpot – we have begun farming some beautiful muckland. We are looking forward to growing a wide variety of seed crops here as the land has excellent isolation from other produce operations.

  • Tourne-Sol, Montreal, Québec

    Tourne-Sol co-operative farm is a workers cooperative run by 5 young farmers. The farm is in Les Cèdres, QC, about 45 minutes west of Montreal. They grow certified organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, herbal teas, seeds and bedding plants that are sold at the Sainte-Anne farmers' market and through their 300-member community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

    Seed production has been a part of thier farm since they started, helping them adapt seed to their soils and climate. It ensures a supply of organic seed that might not be available otherwise. Most importantly, the flowering seed crops are abuzz with pollinators, insects, humming birds and toads bringing stability to their agro-ecosystem.

    Tourne-Sol farmer Dan Brisebois blogs about their seed at www.goingtoseed.wordpress.com.

    See below for all of the varieties we offer grown by our friends at Tourne-Sol!

  • Seven Tree Farm, Vassalboro, Maine

    Roberta Bailey and Rob Lemire farm Seven Tree Farm in Vassalboro Maine. Not far from the Kennebec River its soil is deep and stone free, though the high clay content is always a challenge. Roberta went back to the land in her teens and has always been organic. There is no other way. She raises much of their food and commercial seed crops for four seed companies. Her passion is hot peppers. She is also a free lance writer, fiber artist, and has worked for Fedco Seeds for over 25 years. They rotate 6 plots with seed, garlic, grain, and cover crops. MOFGA certified since 2001. Here is a great article written by Roberta about seed saving.
  • Wood Prairie Farm, Bridgewater, Maine

    Wood Prairie Farm, Bridgewater, ME

    Jim and Megan Gerristen are some of the most dedicated and experienced organic seed growers we know and love. Not only have they been producing certified organic seed potatoes for nearly 4 decades, Jim is also the President of OSGATA (Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association) and has been a long standing champion of the organic seed industry. Jim is one of our organic elders and recently participated in a week long meeting with 20 other elders in the organic farming community.

    We are honored and delighted to be sharing Jim's years of work, learning, and play in potatoes with you.
  • High Mowing Seed, Wolcott, Vermont

    High Mowing Organic Seeds, in Walcott, Vermont produces over 60 varieties of seed planted on 12 acres each year on their farm. For 18 years they have been selecting for the best strains, resulting in improvements of these varieties. With a damp climate, short growing season and long, cold winters, there are only certain seed crops they can produce that meet their quality and production standards. These crops include: annual brassicas (mustards, pac choy, asian greens, radishes, etc) cucurbits (squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers), solanaceaous crops (tomatoes, peppers) and a few others.

    See below for all of the varieties we offer grown by our friends at High Mowing!

  • Turtle Tree Seeds, Copake, New York

    Lia Babitch and Ian Robb are co-managers of Turtle Tree Seed in Copake, New York. Part of a Camphill Village, their non-profit seed company grows and sells 100% open-pollinated non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seeds, all grown using biodynamic and organic practices. They grow several dozen varieties on their farm in Copake and redistribute seed from other Biodynamic seed growers from around the country. Fruition Seeds sources only seeds that were grown on their farm in Copake.

    Lia grew up on a biodynamic farm in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, PA. Her formal learning about saving seeds was at Stormy Hall Seeds in Camphill Village Botton in Danby, Yorkshire, UK. Upon returning to the US, she took John Navazio's course on Organic Seed Saving, and became the Seed Garden Manager and Co-General Manager at Turtle Tree Seed where she was trained by the founders, Beth and Nathan Corymb. This is her fourth season at Turtle Tree Seed, where she continues to learn from and love her work.

    See below for all of the varieties we offer grown by our friends at Turtle Tree!