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Organic Peacework Pepper Organic Peacework Pepper

Maturing 12+ fruits per plant in the Northeast.

Organic Aji Dulce (Line 7) Pepper Organic Aji Dulce Pepper

Rich, tropical sweetness abundant in the Northeast!

Organic Habanero Pepper Organic Magnum Habanero Pepper

Our hottest pepper, abundant even in cool seasons.

Organic Padron Frying Pepper Organic Padron Frying Pepper

HEIRLOOM Sought after to pan fry as tapas since the 1600's.

Organic Early Jalapeno Organic Early Jalapeno

Expect huge yields of this classic! Readily ripens red. Compact plants thrive in containers. Delicious!

Organic Bulgarian Carrot Hot Pepper Organic Bulgarian Carrot Hot Pepper

HOT! Florescent orange 3” fruits are prolific on short, sturdy plants that thrive in containers.

Organic Red Rocket Hot Pepper Organic Red Rocket Hot Pepper

HOT! Long, 5” chiles are bright crimson, high-yielding and thin-walled for easy drying.