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Organic Hopi Red Dye Amaranth Organic Hopi Red Dye Amaranth

HEIRLOOM Burgundy spinach-like leaves grow well in the heat.

Organic Hot Biscuits Amaranth

Russet-orange seedheads with large white grains.

Organic Duborskian Rice

HEIRLOOM Short grain Russian variety, rice with flavor that you can grow in a garden without flooding.

Organic Black Sesame Organic Black Sesame

HEIRLOOM Delicious, abundant sesame seeds!

Organic Golden Sesame Organic Golden Sesame

HEIRLOOM Beautiful flowers, abundant sesame seeds!

Organic Rainbow Quinoa Organic Rainbow Quinoa

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow and impressively vigorous.

Organic Hulless Oats Organic Hulless Oats

Easy to grow & uniquely free of the tough, inedible hull of common oats.

Our Price: $3.75