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The Seed Crisis: Sow what?

Seeds are the foundation of everything: the food we eat, the clothing we wear. Everything. Yet there is a systemic global crisis in how our seeds are selected, bred, owned and distributed.

When you purchase seeds from us, you get great organic and open-pollinated seeds grown in and selected for the Northeast. But you are also contributing to the broader social, environmental, political and economic issues surrounding seed.

What do you know about the seed crisis?

Large companies are concentrating the ownership of the global seed supply under their control, treating seed as just another commodity. Genetic patenting (including hybrids and GMO) is turning seed into ‘non renewable resources’ for farmers who very often can no longer save their own seed.

In the process of this corporate consolidation, the world has lost 75% of the genetic diversity in our food crops in the the last 100 years according to a study from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Each time we lose a variety of a seed, a food crop becomes extinct. As crop diversity diminishes our plants lose the ability to adapt to climate change, pests and disease. The security of our food system is weakened.

Today most seed is conventionally produced for "wide adaptation." These seeds grow “good enough” in some regions, but may not excel in any of those places. Especially not the Northeast.

Very few seed companies sell seed adapted to excel in the Northeast. Those that do offer very few varieties actually grown in the region; most of their seed is purchased from all around the United States and the world.

Our response: Sow Fruition!

So many of the seeds that were developed over generations to excel in our region have been discarded in favor of the seeds that are just "good enough". No one took a stand to preserve regionally adapted varieties.

Until now.

We provide organically grown, open pollinated seed that is selected and adapted specifically to excel in the Northeast. Over half the seeds we offer are grown in our own fields in the Finger Lakes of New York State. The remainder come from our custom collaborative partner farms or from other trusted growers.

By choosing open pollinated varieties for your own garden and fields, you take control of the seeds you grow and the food that nourishes you.

* You can continue to select for characteristics that are most important to you and that will excel under your specific growing conditions.

* You can save seed from open pollinated varieties, confident that future generations will always grow true to type.

* By saving seeds, you can be sure you’ll always have the varieties you enjoy most. You don’t have to worry about a variety being discontinued as a result of corporate decision-making.

* You will be actively promoting the biodiversity that is essential to both a secure food system and a healthy ecosystem.

* You will be helping to reclaim and preserve our collective seed heritage, including the skills, knowledge, and stories that are inseparable from the plants themselves.

And by growing seeds from Fruition Seeds, you will be supporting the small farmers who produce seed with their own two hands and who are interested in characteristics like seedling vigor in the greenhouse, foliage and fruit production in the field, and taste on plate. (We always select for taste, otherwise what's the point?)

Join us!

Contribute to a new model for how seeds are grown, owned and distributed. Connect with a network of the best organic seed growers in our region to inspire a new direction for seeds in the Northeast.

Sow the seeds of resilience!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller