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Organic Hopi Red Dye Amaranth Organic Hopi Red Dye Amaranth

HEIRLOOM Burgundy spinach-like leaves grow well in the heat.

Organic Polish Amaranth Organic Polish Amaranth

HEIRLOOM Our favorite leaf amaranth for summer heat & winter windowsills.

Organic Prize Choi Asian Green

Beautiful! Selected in Vermont for mild flavor, uniformity, vigor and bolt resistance.

Organic Spring Raab, Rapini

Tender leaves, stems and flower buds have a classic, bitter edge and are perfect steamed or sauteed!

Organic Deluxe Mesclun Mix

A delectable, versatile and beautiful mix of mild mustards, arugula, rapini and hot mustards to tickle all of your taste buds!

Organic Mighty Spicy Mesclun Mix

A riot of colors and textures to satisfy your spice tooth!

Organic Winter Green Mesclun Mix

Selected for resilience, each of the diverse greens in this mix grows and regrows quickly in cold temperatures.

Organic New York Hardy Mache

As delectable as it is hardy. We are always thrilled to have this mild, aromatic green in February!

Organic Great Green Chervil Organic Great Green Chervil

HEIRLOOM Sweet anise flavor & incredible cold hardiness.

Organic Garden Cress Organic Garden Cress

Quick growing peppery micro & baby greens!

Organic Tres Fine Frisee Organic Tres Fine Frisee

Crunchy, succulent leaves with delicate loft & a satisfying, subtle bitterness.

Organic Arugula

Fast-growing and abundant, rich nutty flavor adds depth and divinity to every meal.

Organic Salad in Provence Mix Organic Salad in Provence Mix

Our staff-favorite! Flavorful greens & herbs inspired by the salads of Southern France.

Organic Garden Sorrel Organic Garden Sorrel

HEIRLOOM Classic perennial with bright lemon flavor.

Organic Shanghai Green Pac Choy Organic Shanghai Green Pac Choy

Delicate & mild miniature pac choy, effortlessly elegant with succulent stems forming gorgeous vases.

Organic Golden Purslane Organic Golden Purslane

Succulent & lemony with the most Omega-3's of any vegetable, a favorite green of both Gandhi and Thoreau.

Organic Claytonia Organic Claytonia

Super cold tolerant & succulent with fresh, bright flavor.

Organic Asian Spinach Tatsoi Organic Asian Spinach (Tatsoi)

Similar to spinach yet so much easier to grow!