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Our collections of easy to grow garden favorites are organic, regionally adapted and the perfect gift for the rural, urban, beginner and experienced gardeners in your life.

Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook

Rise & Shine shares everything you need to start seeds successfully at home

Our Price: $11.97
Organic Microgreens Collection Organic Microgreens Collection

Quick, vivid greens in any season.

Organic Container Garden Collection Organic Container Garden Collection

Easy to grow, compact & drought tolerant: perfect for your patio.

Organic Children's  Garden Collection Organic Children's Garden Collection

Vivid colors + abundance + easy to grow = irresistible for all ages :)

Organic Kitchen Herb Collection Organic Kitchen Herb Collection

Easy to grow herbs outside our door.

Organic Pollinator Garden Collection Organic Pollinator Garden Collection

Attract pollinators and beneficial insects for beauty & abundance all season

Organic Winter Greens Collection Organic Winter Greens Collection

Winter Greens for the winter blues: enjoy fresh greens all winter long.

Our Price: $18.99
Organic Edible Flower Collection Organic Edible Flower Collection

For countless edible petals of all colors all season.

Organic Staff Picks 2018 Collections Organic Staff Picks 2018 Collection

Of all our new loves, here are our favorites!

Organic Kitchen Herb Garden Organic Kitchen Herb Garden

Easy to grow in soil or containers, each of these are delicious, versatile and essential arms' length eating all season long.

Our Price: $18.99