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Our collections of easy to grow garden favorites are organic, regionally adapted and the perfect gift for the rural, urban, beginner and experienced gardeners in your life.

Organic Bouquet Collection Organic Bouquet Collection

Our favorite easy-to-grow classics with long, strong stems perfect for cutting.

Organic Native Flower Collection Organic Native Flower Collection

A gorgeous mix of annuals & perennials ready to thrive in sun & shade.

DIY Organic Seed Balls Collection DIY Organic Seed Balls Collection

Easy to make, fun to throw! Includes step-by-step instructions.

Organic Container Garden Collection Organic Container Garden Collection

Easy to grow, compact & drought tolerant: perfect for your patio.

Organic Children's  Garden Collection Organic Children's Garden Collection

Sweet and easy to grow with a rainbow of colors, perfect for kids!

Organic Culinary Herb Collection Organic Culinary Herb Collection

Easy to grow and abundant for snipping all season long.

Organic Pollinator Collection Organic Pollinator Collection

Bring more butterflies, bees and countless beneficial insects to your garden!

Organic Winter Greens Collection Organic Winter Greens Collection

Savor tender, sweet greens even in the darkest, coldest season.

Organic Edible Flower Collection Organic Edible Flower Collection

Easy to grow for a rainbow of petals to garnish salad and cakes.