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Organic Elecampane
Organic Elecampane

Native perennial lung tonic.

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herb, Elecampane


Organic Elecampane Towering 5 to 8 foot plants topped with handsome yellow flowers, Elecampane is easy to grow and one of our favorite medicinal plants. Its second year roots dug in fall are one of the premier healing plants for general lung ailments. Elecampane is also antibacterial, antifungal and increases digestion. When we are feeling under the weather in the respiratory department we take Elecampane as tea and most often as tincture. A syrup made with Elecampane, Elderberry, Echinacea and honey is one of our favorite remedies for general colds throughout the year.

As a dye, Elecampane yields a deep blue.

75 days to flower
Inula helenium

Planting: Elecampane is easy to cultivate. Sow your seed in greenhouse in early spring or direct sow in the garden mid-spring. Elecampane needs light to germinate so press seeds into soil and be careful not to cover seeds with soil. Germination takes about 2 weeks. Transplant seedlings after the second set of leaves appear with 2 feet between plants and know they can take a few light frosts. Elecampane will thrive in full sun or partial shade in any soil but especially heavy, moist but well-drained loam. Dig roots in fall of second year for optimum medicinal benefit. Perennial in Zone 3.
Seed Saving: Saving Elecampane seed is easy: simply wait for each flower to form disc of dry seed that readily separates in your hands.

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