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Organic Ginger Organic Ginger

Grow ginger right in your backyard, even in a container!

Organic Kasagi Dahlia Organic Kasagi Dahlia

DWARF Effervescently cheerful, Kasagi is perfect in containers.

Flourish Garden Club Flourish Garden Club

Flourish Garden Club surrounds you with wisdom, skills and community so you and your garden will thrive in any season.

Across the Seasons: Fruition's Perpetual Garden Calendar Across the Seasons: Fruition's Perpetual Garden Calendar

Easily record the happenings of your garden to amplify your successes & learn from your mistakes.

Organic Chilean Green Corn Organic Chilean Green Corn

Rich, savory corn that will transform your idea of what corn can be.

Organic Salt and Pepper Cucumber Organic Salt & Pepper Cucumber

Such crunch, such sweetness, such creaminess, such abundance!

Organic Queen Lime with Blush Zinnia Organic Queen Lime with Blush Zinnia

Whimsically show-stopping with petals unfolding, layer after layer.

Organic Purple Giant Zinnia Organic Purple Giant Zinnia

Each massive zinnia is absolutely luminous & perfect for cutting.

Organic Frilled White Poppy Organic Frilled White Poppy

Endless petals of exquisite ivory unfurl like slow-motion fireworks.

Organic Night & Dawn Snapdragon Organic Night & Dawn Snapdragon

Did you know snapdragons are edible? Toss them in salads and enjoy every bite!

Organic Buddha's Hands Cosmos Organic Buddha's Hands Cosmos

A miniature cosmos thriving in gardens & containers perfect for companion planting.

Organic Sharlyn Melon Organic Sharlyn Melon

An early melon that melts in your mouth with luscious pineapple sweetness.

Organic Sugar Snap Pea Organic Sugar Snap Pea

Sweet and juicy, crisp and prolific, easy to grow and a joy to eat!

Organic Haifa's Finest Zucchini Organic Haifa's Finest Zucchini

This Fruition-bred variety is the most flavorful zucchini you'll likely ever eat.

Organic Cornell Bush Delicata Organic Cornell Bush Delicata

The delicata to grow in small spaces & containers! Plus powdery mildew resistance, too :)

Organic Jaded Cherry Tomato Organic Jaded Cherry Tomato

If you think green tomatoes aren't delectable, well, don't be jaded :)

Organic Blue Vervain Organic Blue Vervain

Easy to grow & long-blooming perennial that pollinators love.

Organic Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot Organic Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot

Native, ornamental, medicinal, edible & insectary.

Organic Feverfew Organic Feverfew

An easy to grow cut flower as well as a medicinal herb long used for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Organic Boneset Organic Boneset

Native to the Northeast and easy to grow, Boneset is profoundly immune-stimulating, especially for flu season.

Organic Ashwaganda Organic Ashwaganda

Deeply medicinal & easy to grow.

Organic Bouquet Collection Organic Bouquet Collection

Our favorite easy-to-grow classics with long, strong stems perfect for cutting.

Organic Native Flower Collection Organic Native Flower Collection

A gorgeous mix of annuals & perennials ready to thrive in sun & shade.