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Seasonal Organic Food Gifts & More

When it’s gift-giving time, there is no more perfect option than something that the recipient can nurture with their own hands. Our gifts for gardeners and farmers include some of our favorite certified organic seed collections, perfect for experienced sowers and beginners alike! Choose from our conveniently packaged options, or let them create their own harvest with a Fruition Seeds gift certificate.

For your loved ones who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Northeast, give a taste of the region with one of our unique cooking oils, made from seeds that were grown right here on our central New York family farm. These make fantastic healthy gifts for foodies and those who love to cook with new flavors. Creating your own seed-based oils is just as easy with our oil expeller—give it a try yourself or make someone’s day with one of these great gifts!

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Fruition Seeds' Gift Certificate

Organic, regionally adapted seeds make organic gardening more successful. Thank you for sharing our seeds with your family and friends!

Butternut Squash Seed Oil

One of our favorite regional foods, Butternut Squash Seed Oil is exceptionally rich and nutty with a buttery character that compliments a wide range of flavors and is easy to cook with.

Our Price: $12.99
Pumpkin Seed Oil

An emerald green oil with rich roasted and almost smoky nut character.  Perfect for dipping and drizzling as well as high in Omega-6 fatty acids.

Our Price: $12.99
Organic Herbalist Garden Collection

Easy to grow edible and medicinal herbs for tea, tincture, salve & salads.

Our Price: $18.99
Organic Salad Garden Collection

A simple, seasonal & easy to grow salad perfect for small or container gardens.

Our Price: $18.99
Pickle It! Organic Seed Collection

All the essentials for home-grown Dilly Beans, Dill Pickles and Pickled Beets!

Our Price: $18.99
Organic Salsa Garden Collection

Fresh salsa and salsa verde, fresh from the garden: now all you need is salt, lime, chips and friends!

Our Price: $18.99
Organic Pollinator Garden Collection

Beautiful and diverse flowers to attract important pollinators and beneficial insects to ensure a bountiful and resilient harvest.

Our Price: $18.99

Organic Winter Greens Collection

Winter Greens for the winter blues: enjoy fresh greens all winter long.

Our Price: $18.99