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Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook

Rise & Shine shares everything you need to start seeds successfully at home

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Organic Container Garden Collection Organic Container Garden Collection

Easy to grow, compact & drought tolerant: perfect for your patio.

Organic Children's  Garden Collection Organic Children's Garden Collection

Vivid colors + abundance + easy to grow = irresistible for all ages :)

Organic Shintokiwa Cucumber Organic Shintokiwa Cucumber

Extraordinary sweetness, crunch & productivity.

Organic Mexican Gherkin Cucumber Organic Mexican Gherkin Cucumber

HEIRLOOM Super crunchy 1 inch fruits with a bright tangy flavor & lots of disease resistance.

Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber

With 24-30 inch vines, Bush Pickle is perfect for small gardens and containers.

Organic Spacemaster 80 Cucumber Organic Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

With 30 inch vines, Spacemaster is ideal for small gardens and containers.

Organic Jamaican Burr Gherkin Organic Jamaican Burr Gherkin

Tangy, sweet and crunchy.  Extremely productive, pest, and disease resistant.  

Organic Green Finger Cucumber Organic Green Finger Cucumber

Delicious with lusciously smooth skin & Powdery Mildew resistance.

Organic National Pickling Cucumber Organic National Pickling Cucumber

Prolific, blunt-ended fruits average six inches and are perfect for pickles and salads.  

Organic Marketmore 76 Organic Marketmore 76

A consummate slicer, sweet and juicy even under stress! Multiple disease resistances ensure abundance all season long.

Organic Silver Slicer Organic Silver Slicer

Excellent flavor, thin smooth skin and juicy texture!