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Matthew Goldfarb and Petra Page-Mann, co-owners and farmers of Fruition Seeds, grow over 100 seed crops on five acres of certified organic seed between three farms in the heart of the Finger Lakes, in Naples and Branchport, New York.

In Petra’s hometown of Naples we lease two phenomenal acres from Mark Adams on Hickory Bottom Road. The soil is incredible: predominantly silt loams with over 5% organic matter and a pH between 6.2 and 6.9. We are so grateful to be raising seed here! We have Mark and his decades-long chicken operation to thank for the abundance of organic matter. We also have Mark to thank for his invaluable perspective and experience.

Hickory Bottom is the site of our main facility to clean, store, germination test, pack and ship our seed.

Fifteen minutes east, we lease an acre from our friends John and Caroline Hunt at Italy Hill Produce and Hunt Country Vineyards in Branchport. The soil has more clay than our farm in Naples but is quality nonetheless; our plants are robust and resilient.

On the edge of Naples and North Cohocton – just off a little road called Eelpot – we have begun farming some beautiful muckland. We are looking forward to growing a wide variety of seed crops here as the land has excellent isolation from other produce operations.

HEIRLOOM Living yin-yang symbols are abundant and maintain their color throughout cooking. A no heat habanero with all the flavor and a delightful lingering sweetness of citrus, melon, and unnameable exotic flavors. Taste what all the excitement is about.
Early and productive, delicious and a great early tomato for the Northeast.
HEIRLOOM  Dramatic cascaeds of deep magenta seedheads topple 6' to the ground below! A no heat habanero with all the flavor and a delightful lingering sweetness of citrus, melon, and unnameable exotic flavors. Taste what all the excitement is about.
Bi-color autumnal blooms with long stems perfect for cutting.

Extraordinary dahlia-like blooms with a long vase life, perfect for cutting.

Great for cutting, with blossoms continuing past frost.

Blooms are longer lasting than many poppies, abundant from July well into fall.

HEIRLOOM The profusion of unique red-yellow blooms amid the fern-like three-foot foliage is easy to grow and drought tolerant.

Covered in dozens of gold-rimmed ruby marigolds.

Blooms display all season long in deep burgundy, violet, purple/white bi-color with the occasional rose.

Upright, elegant plants have feathery, lime-green foliage reaching four feet tall with blossoms from July all the way to frost.

Selected for dozens of petals on each blossom for picking and adding to salads.

An early tomato with great flavor, perfect for containers.
A hardy perennial with mild onion flavor, perfect for your herb garden or window box and baked into a frittata! Flavor, disease resistance. and earliness all in one.
HEIRLOOM Huge fruits on huge plants, fabulous for both slicing & saucing!
The best we have grown for containers. Serious abundance on seriously small plants! HEIRLOOM Well adapted to cool, short seasons with rich, succulent and productive beans. HEIRLOOM Finally! Colors are maintained when cooked!
HEIRLOOM Luscious snap beans, superb shell beans & huge jet-black dry beans: we love them all! Edible, medicinal & beautiful! Zeolights is our new favorite calendula, developed by Frank Morton.

Perfect for containers and will readily naturalize if let go to seed.

Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber
With 24-30 inch vines, Bush Pickle is perfect for small gardens and containers. HEIRLOOM Sought after to pan fry as tapas since the 1600's.
HEIRLOOM Tender and never bitter, prolific in short seasons.

The first pea we harvest each spring; compact two- to three-foot vines make trellising optional. Sweet snow peas with juicy 5+ inch long pods that need minimal trellising. Smooth-skin yellow summer squash, Powdery Mildew Resistant for abundance all season long.
With 30 inch vines, Spacemaster is ideal for small gardens and containers. HEIRLOOM A gorgeous short-season lima with mild chestnut flavor.
HEIRLOOM Selected and saved by the Iroquois centuries before Columbus.
HEIRLOOM Exceptionally delicious and abundant even in cool, short seasons. HEIRLOOM Named for the ship that brought it to America in 1620! Celebrated by the Slow Food Ark of Taste.
HEIRLOOM A rare and storied variety recognized in the Slow Food Ark of Taste.
Huge 16” heads with large seeds make perfect confectionary sunflower seeds eating.

Huge, tender and sweet lime green loose leaf heads. Large, full and soft colored they will grace your garden and flower vase for the entire summer.

Austrian Heirloom, a bright green romaine with maroon-scarlet speckles, this lettuce has excellent flavor even in the heat of summer. HEIRLOOM Violet flowers become green romano beans that stay tender as they lengthen.
This dark green buttercrunch lettuce is compact, succulent and sweet. Best for spring and autumn.
Super sweet and creamy mini butternut.

Candy sweet with tender flesh that is eaten with the rest of the squash.

Like unwrapping a gift, opening each ear of Glass Gem is pure delight. Great as parching corn, ground meal or flour.
Tangy, sweet and crunchy.  Extremely productive, pest, and disease resistant.   Mild enough to be eaten raw all through the winter and into the spring.   Red-skinned with up to four seeds per shell, easy to grow even in short, cool seasons.

Hummingbirds love the crimson flowers that become huge, sweet and succulent flat beans that climb 10' and higher. HEIRLOOM Colorful, abundant & hardy leaves are perfect for salads, soups and kale chips throughout the year. Beautiful, delicious and massive all summer long!
Organic Provider Snap Bean
HEIRLOOM Gorgeously glossy silver fading to black with rich flavor & astonishing resilience. Beautiful, edible and abundant anywhere, all season long! A mix of deep blue and purple, rich burgundy, violet and pink blossoms.

Provider indeed provides dependable abundance of early green snap beans perfect for canning.
Gorgeous and delicious with sweet, nutty flavor both fresh and cooked. A consummate slicer, sweet and juicy even under stress! Multiple disease resistances ensure abundance all season long.
The classic Italian bell, adapted for abundance in short seasons.
HEIRLOOM Vivid, striking scarlet-orange blossoms thrive on neglect and will brighten any corner of your garden!  3-5’ plants will bloom all summer long. HEIRLOOM Gorgeous 3” orange blossoms cover the 4-5’ slate green bush from high summer to frost! Excellent for cut flowers.
Heirloom Rich rose-pink fruits with outstanding flavor! Expect abundant 4-6 oz fruits.
HEIRLOOM A paste tomato with the flavor of a slicer! Long trusses of delicious 2 ounce fruits with remarkable disease resistance. Indeterminate.

HEIRLOOM One of our favorites! Beautiful, huge fruits fade yellow-orange-red from top to bottom with incredible flavor. Dependable, sweet, early, and high-yielding even in cool summers.
Expect huge yields of this classic! Readily ripens red. Compact plants thrive in containers. Delicious!

HEIRLOOM from Southern France. With irresistibly long, scarlet-rose roots and white, blunt tips.

Phenomenally sweet and juicy, ripens easily in Northern climates! Expect high yields of round melons, 6-12 pounds each.

The sweetest of snap peas, often yielding twice the pods of other varieties with 10% of long, sweet snow peas mixed in.

Dense, dark green bunches of aromatic leaves! Selected for late bolting, slight stems and high vigor.
Sweet, juicy flesh is dark orange and aromatic! Early ripening and heavy yielding with excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew.

HEIRLOOM Uncle Willie's fills our freezer every year with rich, creamy shelling beans to enjoy all winter long.

Exquisitely flavorful, exceptionally tender & stringless: Tavera is our favorite bean. Abundant and succulent with flavor and tenderness holding longer in the garden than other snap beans.
HEIRLOOM One of our favorites for its incredibly rich, creamy and sweet potato-like flesh!

HEIRLOOM Beautiful, light green stripes on the classic green! 8"-10" rich nutty flavorful fruits on productive bush plants.
Hands down our favorite shell pea. Outstanding late variety, covered in huge, super sweet peas, often 7+ per pod! Vines 4-5’.

HEIRLOOM A gorgeous, delicious and prolific red cherry with notable disease resistance.

HEIRLOOM Abundant leaf production with beautiful 6 inch umbels right in time for pickling! Think lemon balm + Thai basil on a leaf that looks like purple, fringed basil.
Oh so sweet: heart-shaped, bright red, cherry sized fruits with phenomenal flavor!
Expect early and abundant production of this fabulous fruit, tart when young and sweet as it ripens!

A taste of the tropics! These irresistibly sweet, marble-sized fruits will have you coming back for more.

A classic cherry-belle, bright red and round! Dependably succulent and mild.
Sweet, buttery and high yielding, one of the most delicious edamame!
HEIRLOOM Fruits are garnet-colored and globe-shaped, abundant and delicious!
Beautiful butter yellow flowers blossom mid-summer to frost!

Deep green romaine with great uniformity and disease resistance.
Deep green melt-in-your-mouth butterhead for any season!
Organic Phacelia (Bee’s Friend)
HEIRLOOM Lime green, blushed red butterhead with phenomenal flavor.
Large, pastel petals of lavender and coral float on 2-3’ stalks forming huge, delicious seedheads.

Lacey, fern-like leaves with dramatic lavender blossoms unfurl like fiddleheads!

Lovely sky blue flowers sway on slender, delicate 3’ stalks! Seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and lignans.

HEIRLOOM A delectable North African and Middle-East spice! Beautiful, delicate baby blue blossoms abound.

Sweet, mild roots are large, fine-textured and round with purple tops.
HEIRLOOM Imagine a large yellow cherry tomato with fantastic flavor.

HEIRLOOM Phenomenal flavor we selected for non-cracking, thin skin. Delectable and medicinal, easy to grow and thrives anywhere!  
DIY condiments:  this is the mustard that makes everything from Dijon to French’s!   HEIRLOOM Purple spires of fragrant flowers bloom all summer; perennial. HEIRLOOM A treat for the culinary inquisitor! Aptly named, the flavor is an excellent balance of tart and sweet.
Attract Beneficial Pollinators!  Easy to grow and easy to love, our mix of flowers and herbs bursts with color and phenomenal habitat for all manner of beneficial insects! HEIRLOOM Beloved for its nutty flavor and juicy-crisp texture.