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Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber
With 24-30 inch vines, Bush Pickle is perfect for small gardens and containers. With 30 inch vines, Spacemaster is ideal for small gardens and containers. Tangy, sweet and crunchy.  Extremely productive, pest, and disease resistant.  
Expect high yields of 8 to 10 inch, thin-skinned cucumbers with exceptional flavor!
These lovely cukes are mid-size, smooth and tapered with little white spines and do well in the field, greenhouse or in containers!
Prolific, blunt-ended fruits average six inches and are perfect for pickles and salads.  
One of my favorites! Growing over a foot yet still sweet and crisp, curling into lovely shapes when un-trellised. HEIRLOOM  Six-inch ivory fruits are sweet and tender, the essence of Summer! A consummate slicer, sweet and juicy even under stress! Multiple disease resistances ensure abundance all season long.
Excellent flavor, thin smooth skin and juicy texture!