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Organic Rhubarb Seeds
Organic Rhubarb Seed

Easy to grow long-lived perennial.

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Organic Rhubarb Seed
One of the most resilient plants we grow, we are always in awe of the deep green, glossy leaves that emerge as soon as the snows melt. Soon we’re eating the tender pink stems in pies, cobblers, crisps, compotes and jams: rhubarb we hail as the first fruit of the year. Once a month throughout the season we’ll tuck into the rhubarb patch and make our favorite rhubarb meringue pie to compliment whatever else is in season: strawberries, cherries, peaches, currants. Daniel MacPhee who grows this seed in Maine loves to make rhubarb-rosemary jam, as well. Rhubarb will subsist for a decade without blinking; our favorite rhubarb plant in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks has thrived in the wilderness for over a century.
And why rhubarb seed? It’s a little more unpredictable and a little more fun. Years ago Daniel MacPhee founded Blackbird Rise Farm in Maine and was brush-hogging an old neglected hay field when, despite the monotony, “a leaf caught my eye down beneath all the goldenrod and grasses,” recalls Daniel. Turns out there was a huge rhubarb plant in the middle of the hay field. “Having no idea how it got there, I hopped down, dug it up and brought it back to the garden where I divided it.” Indeed, there was never a house out there, way too far away for any reasonable garden. Daniel supposes it grew from a seed that blew in and took root long ago. “I am interested in growing rhubarb from seed precisely because it is more unpredictable and I like the variations in color and form while selecting for thick stalks, long season and productive plants that don’t overcrowd themselves...” Thanks, Daniel. The world is a more rich and resilient place for your care.
340 days to first harvest
Rheum rhabarbum
Planting: Direct sow in fall or start indoors in spring 6 weeks before last frost. Soak seeds in water for 2-3 hours before sowing. Cover seed ¼ inch deep. Seedlings at least 3-4 inches tall will have the greatest success. Plant them out after final frost. Plant in any soil with at least partial sun; more sun will grow more rhubarb. Roots (crowns) will grow larger every season and may be divided with a shovel every 4-5 years. A hefty shovel full of compost in spring will increase your yields tremendously.

Seed Saving: Every season your rhubarb will send up incredible flower stalks that can be harvested when they dry down.

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